What to expect from my team?

We want the best for our athletes and structure our teams to achieve specific development objectives.

Vermont United was founded to provide affordable, professional coaching and total player development for youth soccer players in North Central Vermont. We are honored to have the opportunity to train your student athlete. We promise to train the whole person, educating our athletes on nutrition, fitness, injury prevention, sportsmanship, and an overall professional approach to the game. 

U8 | U10 | U12

The season lasts from December until late June and each team will compete in the Vermont Soccer League as well as at least one tournament in the State of Vermont. Our youth players will compete in the State Cup (Tide Cup from years past)

Player's experience what it's like to participate in a professional training environment.  Each training session concentrates on individual skill development in open space as well as under pressure.  Players are taught man to man marking principles when the ball is lost and what we are thinking when we win the ball.  Players understand that scoring is fun and is encouraged at every training session.  This age group starts to understand that the pass can be used as an important tool. 


U14 | U16 | U19

Older players will compete for the Nordic Cup. Senior players will also play in the Nordic Cup and have showcase opportunities. During the Winter, some teams elect to play in various indoor leagues throughout the State. 

Our players first experience with 11V11 play is important to the rest of their career.  Teams start and continue working on patterns and styles of play.  Players' strengths are starting to emerge, and positional education becomes very important. This of course is enhanced by proven training techniques focusing on speed and efficiency of play.